Top Five Harshest Legal System in the World

Top Five Harshest Legal System in the World

Have you ever been guilty of stealing a pack of gum, owning some explicit website, cheating on your girlfriend or owed money to somebody? Believe it or not, many countries could have charged you for committing any of these crimes! If you fall into trouble in the US, you might contact one of your lawyers and casually say “Oh no problem! He is one of the best lawyers in Denver”. However, some countries do not let you enjoy this freedom.

Here is an interesting list of some of the harshest legal systems in the world.


Malaysia’s majority Muslim population is ruled by Sharia law and the rest are under civil law. Recently, the Muslim population has been demanding a Sharia law to be implanted on the entire population. If this is done, it would mean that everyone including Muslims and non-Muslims could be punished with fines and prison times for things such as displays of affection and serving or eating non-halal food. Possessing even one marijuana seed can subject you to jail sentence of up to five years in Malaysia! This same crime if done in Ohio wouldn’t cause you much trouble.


In case you haven’t heard, Indonesia has recently executed two Nigerians for the smuggling of heroin. The penalty for trafficking marijuana in Indonesia is a straight-away death sentence here. Sharia law in Aceh province has also led to stricter laws against things such as inappropriate use of an Islamic dress and hanging out in the public with someone from the opposite gender.


Singapore was once termed as a “Disneyland with a death penalty” because of its strict and rigid laws. Did you forget to flush a public toilet? You are going to jail. Did you drop a candy wrapper on the ground? Go behind the bars. Singapore also uses caning as a punishment. The possession of pornography can land you for three months in jail here in addition to potential fines. Pretty strict, eh?


China has one of the highest rates of capital punishment in the world right now. Grave crimes like murder, embezzlement and tax evasion are all punishable by death. Not to forget, China also has quite poor jail conditions. Due to these strict laws, China’s prisons have another problem: overcrowding. Did you know that owning a pornographic website in China can cause you to have life imprisonment if the website has more than 250,000 hits?


Nigeria loves smacking down its wrongdoers severely. Sharia law introduced in Nigeria in the year 2000 punishes drinking alcohol in public as well as adultery. It also punishes homosexual acts with death penalty. On the other hand its prison and legal system conditions are awful. Prisoners live in a bad state wherein they have to sleep on bare floors. Many prison inmates in Nigeria suffer from tuberculosis. Torturing the prison inmates is also a commonality here.


All in all, legal systems in each country have their own characteristics. The above mentioned legal systems may sound harsh but they are effective in bringing down the crime rates in the country.

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