Law System

Law is one of the oldest institutions known to mankind, and though it is pretty hard to summarize law into a few set of words, one can state nevertheless that law is the set of rules that govern people and the society and defines certain principles that need abiding. There are a set of guideline of dos and don’ts when it comes to law and that is what establishes order and stability in a society. People are meant to abide by law and customs and the deviance from which results in a legal action against them, punishable as per the rulings of the law.

Law making is generally the work of the supreme council within a state and the general consensus of opinion decides what will govern the land, the things that shall be legal and the ones that would not be. Once made, it requires a lot of effort to make amendments and changes to the rules and a proper procedure needs following in that case. Rules that govern the system of the land are generally in regard to every field and category, such as business, politics, economy, crime, conduct and all day to day life affairs. In a nutshell, the legal system of the state preserves the rights of its people by overseeing that people conduct themselves according to the predefined set of rules and violations are punished to create deterrence.

Certain countries follow religiously laid principles and their legal principle revolves around the basic rules as per the religion of the state. The punishments and all such decisions are then made according to the laws laid down in the religion itself. On the other hand, some states thrive on their self-evolved legal theories and base their system on the needs and requirements of their society. These systems have their own merits and demerits and affect the residents of the society in their own manner.

Implementation of law and ensuring the legal system works smoothly and effectively is as important as laying down the rules and guidelines to govern general conduct. Deviance in a society, crimes and acts of violence and hate need to be tackled with so as to protect the rights of the individuals and give justice to the affected is equally important. For that, every state has its own judicial system which acquits or frees the accused after hearing the entire case. A judge makes a decision himself or with the help of a jury of experts, after listening to both ends of the cases, of the accused and the victim and decided whatever seems right.

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