Importance of the legal system

Importance of the legal system

Legal system is the most integral part of any state for it is the stimulating factor for a functional and stable working society and keeps it from faltering and collapsing on its very face. Without the existence of a system that would protect the legal rights of its citizens and would give justice to the suppressed and the victimized, no society can remain functional for long and it will collapse in a very short time.

The reason why the legal system is so important stems from the fact that different individuals exist in a society, all of which have their own mindset and personality. Many of them would differ ideologically with others within the same society and some of them would be more receptive to differences in opinion, while others would be more conservative and not so good at absorbing a difference. Every problem in a society can be taken down to originate from difference between two minds, which can ultimately lead to various crimes, issues, problems, hatred, violence and any kind of social act that is nor permissible morally or ethically and deserved punishment by law, whether severe or mild, that depends.

To ensure that people do not take cross limits, and violate other people’s rights is very important and that is exactly what a legal system does in a society. Protection of the individuals and the prevalence of peace is the basic purpose of the legal system and that is why laws are made and exist so that people in the society abide by them. Laws help in the smooth running of every society and help in establishing peace and order, and govern the behaviors and attitudes of the people in day to day affairs. Deviance and divergence from the law may result in punishment from the legal system so as to punish the deviant and also to cause deterrence for people intending to repeat the act in the future.

Deterrence is equally important as punishment for stopping crimes from occurring in the future would improve the sense of security of the individuals and would ultimately result in better functioning of every individual with more confidence and sense of safety, which in the long run would benefit the community in general.

The legal system works under a judiciary which hears cases regarding any field of life, such as violations of agreements, malpractices in business, family issues, crimes, violence The lawyers of both the victim and the accused argue in front of a judge and the jury who decide the fate in the end. Many people can be heard after winning the case “he is the best lawyer in Denver”, which elaborates the significance of the lawyers when it comes to the legal system itself. If the lawyer is good and formidable, one can be confident of winning the case and getting justice from the law, otherwise the suppressor may run away without getting reprimanded for the actions he committed.

In short, the legal system is the core that helps the functioning and running of any society in general.

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